Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1) how can we make it easier for the elderly to move around?
We should make public places such as shopping centers have ramps. places like HDB flats should also have ramps and lifts stopping at every floor to help the elderly.
2)How can we help the elderly live safely at home?
we should install handrails in their rooms. there should be enhanced security and ways to detect when the elderly person has fallen down.
3)how can we make the younger generation accept the elderly?
we can educate the younger generation on the eldery's problems. we can also hold family days for the elderly to spend the day with their family members.


  1. You would need to make your questions more open-ended and generic in nature, just like Q3. There are some potentials for follow up in your questions, especially during the brainstorming part in subsequent lesson/s.

  2. Can provide more solutions instead of just one.