Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Follow up for mind map post

Branch 1: How can we help the elderly move around-
-on public transport... buses with no steps, elderly only buses, wheelchair friendly taxis.
-in their estate... ramps instead of staircases.

Branch 2: How can we help the elderly live safely at home?
Sensors to detect a fall
People to perform regular checks fot safety hazards in their homes.

Branch 3: Healthcare:
We can make healthcare affordable by cutting back on un important things.

Branch 4: How can we help the elderly recycle?
Service... People can perform right to the doorstep collections of the items.
We can pay the elderly to recycle.

ADMT model version 2

This is the product Mr Irfan said he would be more impressed by. It is an elderly friendly plug remover. As elderly are not very strong, they have difficulty removing plugs from sockets. This product makes use of the lever system to help the elderly remove the plug.

ADMT model version 1

this is supposed to be an elderly friendly handphone. It has a large screen, large buttons and an elderly friendly charging port which is supposed to make it easy for the elderly to plug in the charging cable.
However, Mr Irfan said not to make things too complicated and that a handphone was not very different from other students. He then suggested something he would like more.