Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We have spotted 2 major problems on the conservation of electricity and water.
3 potential areas are getting people to understand how precious water is, getting people to use less electricity and to use energy efficient appliances instead of standard electrical appliances.
We can show people pictures of melting ice and make animations on why we should use more eco-friendly appliances.
We can come with prototypes of simple eco friendly devices to show people

Monday, January 25, 2010

1)Laptop bag:P important to keep laptop safe.I it has the letters SST on it.E soft to protect laptop from damage.S looks nice and stylish.
2)Handed down matchbox ferrari:P Special, cannot find such a model now days.I precious, rare though paint is chipped, it still looks nice.E it is now 44 years old.S very few people still have one which is in 1 piece.
3) in MRT:P noisy,bright,air conned.I people talking loudly.E comfortable S Many people talking.
4)watching a documentary:P interesting exciting.I Makes you think.E scary but exciting.S People talking.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singapore is importing natural gas from nearby countries. This would be used to power some of the vehicles on the road.However, Singapore still depends on crude oil imports from other parts of the world.A possible renewable energy source is solar power.Singapore is a hot country, there is lots of sunlight.Thus solar power is a potential energy source in Singapore.
Research is trying to find information on a certain topic.Information can be found on the internet or the library.
I think research is important as it is a good way of getting the information we need.
Good research should have the correct information,and provide the correct information.